Christy offers a number of Belly Dance Workshops,

or we can custom one to suit your group’s needs.

Casual: (for those new to Belly Dance)

Showers, Stagettes, Girls Night out and Workplace Team Building

For the novice, gather the girls for fitness and fun, to celebrate, to connect

For Dancers:


-Luscious Layers;

-Drilling; Repetition is the mother of skill

Finger Cymbals:

Turn it up: work a variety of turns, to bring flow and sensuality to your dance




Doumbec Basics

Dancing with a Drum


From Moves to Movement: We will put the Jamila Format to work, exploring dance creation using the format. Develop musical interpretation skills by combining movements, timing and texture to create unique phrases which compliment and contrast the musical composition. This is where fusion begins.

Simplicity Speaks: Create long beautiful lines, flowing curves and precise accents. Play with musical tone, sentiment and orchestration using simple, technically sound phrasing that speaks volumes. Suhaila Format is the foundation to open up possible worlds in your dance.


Jamila Format- give your dance routine an old school feel

Dancers of Egypt- from the films of the 30’s and 40’s, we will incorporate signature moves of various dancers

Egyptian Dancers through the ages- pick an era, we will examine one or a number of dancers influences, style choices and discuss the orchestration and the culture of the day affected their dance

Workshop taught by

Christy Greene