Christy Greene (Maya) performing an improvisation to a live arabic band in Berkeley, California, November 2013. The event was a fundraiser for the Middle East Children’s Alliance.

Christy Greene (Maya) performing her choreography to Milieu by Beats Antique. This dance is a character piece that has evolved over a number of performances. This version was presented at Mucking Farvelous, a co-production between Eighth Wonder and Indigo Arts in 2011.

Christy Greene performs the Level Three Finger Cymbal Drum Solo for the 2013 opening of the Belly Dance Superstars Tour in Calgary/Airdrie.  This choreography is a requirement for the Suhaila Salimpour Format Certification program and is performed with the cymbals played both left hand dominant and right hand dominant.

Eighth Wonder Troupe performs Sentez (Synthesis), a rhythmically complex and moody drum solo by Turkish composer Yasar Akpence. Choreography by Christy Greene. This performance took place in 2013.

Eighth Wonder Troupe performs Hamma Di, a choreography by Christy Greene to the music of Turkish composer Yasar Akpence. This performance  was for the opening of the Belly Dance Superstars 2013 tour, in Calgary/Airdrie.

Christy and colleagues perform El Samer, a 70’s style choreography by Suhaila Salimpour. This performance was at The Banff Centre in 2014.

Christy Greene performs Maddah Al Amar (aka Hawal Teftekerni by Abdel Halim Hafez) at The Banff Centre in 2014. This piece is required for Level 3 certification in the SSBD Format. Choreography by Suhaila Salimpour.

Christy dances in the Ampia nominated short film/video, Erosion. Filmed in the Badlands of Alberta in 2007. Choreography by Christy Greene.

Christy, Angela and Christine perform an isis wings choreography, specially made for this beautiful wedding.

Christy performs Milieu at the 2011 Belly Dance Superstars show in Calgary.

Christy Greene has performed as Maya the belly dancer in restaurants, nightclubs and at special events, galas, fundraisers for 15 years. Here are some clips from one night in 2013.

Christy Greene in the first iteration of Caterpillar, performed in 2012. She plans to flesh out the dance and the character for future performances.

Christy Greene performs a vintage Jamila Salimpour style improvisation to Gamil Gamal by Goerge Abdo, in Edmonton 2015.

Christy and Leslie perform Salaam Allay, a choreography by Suhaila Salimpour, in Edmonton 2015.

Christy Greene improvises to live arabic music at the Salimpour School of Dance in Albany, California

Christy Greene improvising with a Live Arabic Band at the Salimpour School of Dance in Albany, California in 2012

The Pearls of Polynesia perform a Tahitian Drum Dance at a Gala Fundraising Event in 2015. Find them at

The Pearls of Polynesia perform Little Grass Shack at a Gala Fundraising Event in 2015. Find them at

Eighth Wonder Troupe performs a doumbec (arabic hand drum) and wooden finger cymbal dance. Choreography by Christy Greene 2015.

Christy Greene performs at the Live Music Student Night at the Salimpour School in Albany, CA

Eighth Wonder Student Troupe perform Mugram Ya Leil at The Banff Centre 2014

Eighth Wonder Student Troupe perform Syncopations followed by Christy Greene in El Samer

Christy Greene performing to Bongo Funk. Choreography by Suhaila Salimpour. This dance is one of the Level 4 required choreographies for at the Salimpour School.

Performance Video