Belly Dance Classes

2017 Class Schedule

Spring class schedule will be up online by the end of March

Spring Classes will start May 1

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Class Descriptions:

Basics and Basics Blitz (Beginner Foundations for Belly Dance)

        Foundations in technique for any style of belly dance

        Designed for the student with little or no dance experience

        Discover the amazing ways your body moves...laughter, sweat and great music!

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3), Angela (SSBDL1 & JSBDL1) and Kathy (SSBDL1 & JSBDL1)

Beyond Basics (The next step on your belly dance journey)

       Technique, Combinations, Flow, Improvisation

       Explore a variety of movement styles to expand your belly dance

       Finger Cymbals, Veil and so much more!

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3)

Advance Your Belly Dance  (Deepen your belly dance training)

        Designed for experienced students and professionals wishing to delve deeper.

      Learn a simple and effective approach to layering,

      improve your cymbal playing with new and challenging patterns,

      deepen your knowledge of arabic music and explore approaches to musicality,

      revealing ways to access emotion in your dance.

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3)

Belly Dance for Teens

       Bring a friend and join the dance party!

       Learn all the foundational movements of this dance form, with other teens

       Dance, dance, dance!

       -please email if your teen is interested; we will set up a class once there is enough interest

         -in the meantime, teens 14 and older are welcome in our Basics classes!

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3)


       Info to come...

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3)

Mini Workshops

       Build stamina, challenge your brain and get your belly dance fix at our

       Saturday mini-workshops. Bring your cymbals, foot paws, a yoga mat and some water.

Taught by Christy (SSBDL3 & JSBDL3)

Refund Policy

If you need to withdraw from class, please give notice as soon as possible. For classes remaining after notice is received, you may opt for future credit or refund (minus a $20 admin fee).

Private Lessons

move ahead faster...personalize your journey...catch up on missed choreography...hone your technique...prepare for professional work

$75 per hour or $45 per half hour

~Spring 2017~